Resident Stories

Why I Love Living in Dorset Park…

“I really like living in Dorset Park is because there a brand new Newcomer centre just built recently close to my house. Before I had to take TTC to go to Mcgregor Community Centre for events and programs, now I can walk to the Newcomer centre and find the events and programs I like to participate. I can easily take my children to the centre and save me a lot of time.”- AW

“Living in Dorset Park is like living in a big family. You meet nice people everywhere. And when there is an issue regarding the community improvement, people always stand up and speak up about it; they care about everything such as safety, employment, education…etc.  Seeing these happening is what I like about living in Dorset Park.” – BK

“I came to Canada 3 years ago. I came directly to this neighbourhood. I like to live here because the people are friendly and nice also I feel safe living beside them. The Glamorgan Park is like the hub during the summer time bringing all people from different cultures together. I knew many friends from there and my kids too. My friend helped me to know what is around me. She introduced me to the Newcomer Center and through them I attended different events and activities that enhanced my social life. At 6 Glamorgan, my son participates in a free program called after school program and at Glamorgan school he attends DP Soccer Club. Last summer, I attended with my family a Dorset Park Day. It was fun. Free BBQ, activities for the children, dance, music and games. Living here in the neighbourhood makes me feel that I live among my family, my new family.” – DZ

“I like to live in the neighbourhood because my best friends are beside me. The place is convenient to me. The school, McGregor CC, Library, Grocery stores are beside me.  I have 5 children and thanks to McGregor CC and library made my kids busy and active. I didn’t know about the Welcome Policy for example before to save money and more program but we I attended LIP Gathering and some events, they gave me information about programs and things that can help me and my family to live better.” – HA

“I like living in Dorset Park because many things are around us. For example, The Chinese supermarket is very close, so I don’t have to take TTC or drive to buy groceries. There are some electronic stores such as Futureshop and Canada Computers so I can buy things they want for their birthday. And I bring them to the McGregor Library to borrow books and help them read book at home. All these things are in the walking distance, and I like walking. This is why I like living in Dorset Park.” – JM

“I like to live in Dorset Park because schools are very close by. I can walk my children to school every day. If I cannot walk with my children when I am busy sometimes, I know my children will go to school safely. Cars will always wait for children to cross the street. My children are growing up safely and happily, so I like living here in Dorset Park.” -LK