John Howard Society of Toronto


We help men who have been in conflict with the law, however pardon programs are open to both men and women. Our mission is to provide support services to people in conflict with the law and adults at imminent risk of coming into conflict with the law, in order to facilitate positive change and make the community safer.

Community Response Project for Men in Conflict with the Law

The community response project is a pilot project aimed at looking into gaps in service for men who have been charged with domestic violence related offence and currently have charges before the court. Historically in our community, from the time a man is charged with a domestic related offence until the time that it is resolved in court, there have been only limited or difficult to find services available for support. This project is a partnership with Toronto Police Service 41 Division and John Howard Society of Toronto.

Who is this service offered to? 

This program is only for male clients who currently have charges before the court for a domestic violence related offence.

How do I know if I’m eligible for this service?

Clients who have completed the John Howard Society of Toronto – PAR Program in the past are most welcome.

Clients who have completed the Early Intervention Program (EIP) are excluded.

How do I sign up for this service or learn more about it?

Treatment Response Coordinator: 647 882 8446

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