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Dorset Park Community HUB Welcomes Minister of Immigration and MP York-South Weston, Ahmed Hussen!

On Friday, April 28, 2017, Dorset Park Community HUB and the Newcomer’s Centre hosted a press-conference on behalf of the Government of Canada and Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship. The event attracted the attention of several mainstream media outlets, including Global, CBC and OMNI television. Many members from the community and service organizations also attended the event.

Several members from the House of Commons including featured speaker, Minister of Immigration and MP for York-South Weston, Ahmed Hussen delivered an important announcement on new immigration policies which supports family reunification.  In particular, the government will implement a new policy which eliminates conditional permanent resident status for spouses and/or partners. This mandate is a part of the government’s effort and commitment to combat gender violence and support gender equality.

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